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Vent Status
MoI is no more
Jul 30, 09 12:26 PM
New Guild Leader
Jul 21, 09 2:41 PM
Naxx 10 Downed!
Jun 9, 09 7:24 AM

Hello and Goodbye
Sorry to the remaining 5 people

This morning Thursday July 30, there were a mere 5 player accounts. Due to lack of interest and people jumping ship in the middle of the night along with several nasty letters and notes from now former guild mates I have closed the doors to Masters of Illusion. Given time and if there is interest something may be reformed at a later date. Feel free to contact me in game on Serae for any further questions.
About Us

Masters of Illusion was  formed the first weekend of March. We are an Adult/Mature guild, with an active, but casual atmosphere.  Although we are focused on raid progression, we are not a Hard-Core raid guild and therefore do not require that all members raid here.  In that respect, we seek to be a haven for adults who want to play WoW and seek to do so with other mature players.

Raiding in MoI

Although we are more casual in our approach, we do take our raids seriously.  We are casual in that we do not require attendance minimums and respect our members' real lives and responsibilities. We are serious about our raids in regard to gear and performance minimuns.  This is not a 'run through for quick gear' guild.  All members are required to understand the mechanics of thier class and thier own personal gear/spec/enchant needs.  People will be admitted to raids based on gear, performance and previous raid achievements and experience. 

What to expect

For those coming in at level 80, we will allow entrance to the raids as close to one's personal acheivement and experience level as possible.  (ie., if you haven't run Naxx, please don't expect to come in and immediately run EoE or higher) For those that come in with more raid experience than the guild is up to at the moment, please know that we will get to that point .
As a casual, adult raiding guild, we prefer that members' main characters come to us at level 80, but will accept lower levels based on maturity.  If you're joining on a main character that is below 80, we will encourage you to take advantage of the info provided in our web forums for gearing your toon to raid readiness if raiding is what you intend to do.  Our Officers and Raiders are also able and willing to answer questions or point you in the right direction for information pertaining to your character(s).

What we are not

We are not a leveling guild.  As a guild more focused on end-game content, we're not likely to spend a great deal of time running lower levels thru various instances and quests. Not even each others' alts.  Quite honestly, it's much more difficult to learn your class/spec in a group situation if you don't have to do anything in an instance except watch a higher level doing everything for you. So please don't expect that if your main is a lower level or you have alts here. You will be encouraged to find groups your own level to run things with.

Things we don't tolerate:

Ninja Looting, either in this guild or anywhere in game.
Treating the guild like a personal AH - if you want to 'give' something away, fine - don't sell items to guildies.
Constant whining - I don't care what it's about.
Disrespect to or harrassment of others - whether they're in the guild or not.
Selling guild bank items in the AH.
Asking guild for gold.

Please click on Guild/Raid Info tab at the top for more info on more on raid/instance rules and guild ranking system.

Thanks for reading ~
See ya In-game


Other Guild News

MoI is no more

tamrisa1370, Jul 30, 09 12:26 PM.
Please contact Serae for any questions you may have about why this happened.

New Guild Leader

tamrisa1370, Jul 21, 09 2:41 PM.
As of July 18th Serae is the new Guild Leader for Masters of Illusion.

Naxx 10 Downed!

LadyAthena, Jun 9, 09 7:24 AM.
Grats and Thank You to everyone that participated in the Naxx10 run. Now that we've cleared it, we can lead the way for others in the guild to run it and also move on to the next raid in the progression.  Great Job Everyone!
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